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Beef Flat Iron Steaks

Synonyms: Butler Steaks, Chicken Steaks, Oyster Steaks

Thin, flat, and unassuming, yet tender and very delicious, flat iron steaks are an unsung hero of the 2nd tier bistro steak cuts. Though their popularity is rapidly rising, many people still aren’t aware of them yet. Because demand is lower, their price is too, making them an excellent steak for the money.

The whole flat iron is named for its distinctive shape, which looks a bit like an antique iron with its handle missing. This portion of the chuck shoulder clod is unusually tender and marbled.

The tricky thing about the whole flat iron is that it has a thick layer of silver skin that runs through the middle, bisecting the muscle in half. This silver skin will never become tender, even with slow roasting or braising. It must be removed for the muscle to be useable.

These flat iron steaks have already been cut away from the membrane, then portioned.

Applications: Sear, Broil, Grill, Roast, Pan Roast or Sous Vide.



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