Restaurants & Retailers:






Marketing Support

When you start selling meat from one of these programs, marketing support comes with it! We will back you up with customized point of sale, marketing materials & more.

Printable sell sheets, signs & flyers with your business name & contact information are just the beginning. Depending on your needs, we can also provide website content (images & copy), recipe handouts & more. If you are a distributor, we can even mount direct mail advertising campaigns in your area on your behalf.

You know your business, just let us know how we can best support you via marketing!

Staff Training:

We can help train your staff via slide decks, and, for distributor customers, ride-withs.

We want to help wait staff & salespeople speak authoritatively about these grass-fed meats from New Zealand – what makes them different & what makes them the best!

Check out these resources for additional information: