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Beef Hanger Steak

Synonyms: Hanging Tender, Onglet Steak, Butcher’s Steak, Thick Skirt

Hanger steaks were a little known cut in the US until recently – they were often held back by American butchers for personal use, as it was believed they didn’t appeal to consumers. However, this cut has a long & proud history in other parts of the world, and has recently been “discovered” by chefs & consumers in the US. They are quickly gaining favor for their affordability & bold flavor.

This affordable Bistro-style steak cut has a darker color and a unique flavor, almost more reminiscent of game meat than beef. It has a satisfying chew to its texture. It’s a thin, V-shaped cut with two branches of meat connected by a tough membrane down the middle that should be removed prior to cooking. Like skirt steak, it has a prominent grain and is frequently marinated. It should be sliced against the grain prior to serving to improve tenderness.

Applications: Grill, Sear, Sous Vide, Pan Roast.



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