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Canoe Cut Marrow Bones

Synonyms: Cross-Cut Marrow Bones, Cross-Cut Pipe Bones, Boat Cut Marrow Bones

Canoe cut marrow bones are center-cut pipe bones from the leg that have been cross-cut/halved with a band saw to expose the buttery, rich marrow. This cut makes them very easy to serve and easy for diners to enjoy.

Cross cut marrow bones are typically simply roasted & served with toast (for spreading the marrow on as you would butter) and accompaniments like cornichons, herb salads, and/or citrus supremes, in order to balance the marrow’s richness.

Chefs also extract bone marrow for use in sauces to add richness, or to blend into compound butters for pasta or steaks.

Grass-fed bone marrow typically has a more robust flavor than grain-fed.

Applications: Roast & Serve as an Appetizer



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