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Beef Sliced Short Ribs

Synonyms: Flanken Cut Short Ribs, Cross-Cut Short Ribs

Short ribs are an exceptionally flavorful cut from the lower portion of the Rib (into the Plate) that are typically either sliced very thinly (Korean style short ribs) for marinating & grilling, or are slow-cooked (braised, smoked or roasted) until tender.

These sliced bone-in short ribs are cross-cut (aka “flanken cut,” sliced across the bones) and sold as five-bone lengths rather than the shorter portions more common in in the US. They are excellent slow braised.

Bone-in short ribs can be used in recipes calling for boneless short ribs, and will provide additional gelatin and flavor to the braising liquid through the cut ends of the bones.

Applications: Braise, Smoke, or Slow Roast



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